//Why I started A2Doodh

Why I started A2Doodh

Months of research and 31st day of A2 Doodh Launch in Indore.
Expensive advertisements, celebrities promoting so called milk, fancy packing…. but what about what is going in your body? Ask a child, milk is an important part of his/her diet. No child will say we drink milk for taste, they know better.
2 months back…after my first visit to dairy farms and manufacturing units across MP, I gave up milk. These cows are gazing within a small area, surrounded by urbanisation – ZERO GAZING SYSTEM. Cow dung lying on the ground, as cows awaiting for someone to pick up. All types of adulteration. Well, it doesn’t only mean adding water(who knows if filtered or mineral), flour, detergent extra but also taking out the cream (FAT) which is much necessary for your child’s growth. Check your milk pouch for FAT percentage in the back. Why same fat everyday? How? Cows doesn’t know the FAT calculation, but dairy farms do.

I gave up milk, but what about children in family, and children of extended families and friends? And every child who is drinking milk. School text book teaches that milk is for making them stronger and dear mom why you talk about taste? You never do when you want them to eat lauki or gilki sabji? Trust me, what you (most of us) have been drinking is not real milk. Thus, real milk will taste different for first few days.

Without second thought, I knew this is it. I visited Khatia wadi farmers, they have 200+ gir cows. Its there ancestral job. They live in portable huts. YES! they are nomads. The cows gazes freely in jungles. Other farmers pay them to spend nights on their fields to fertile it with cow dung and urine. There calfs are not killed. They are loved and milked with traditional process. They are clean, and can live without concrete boundaries. They are strong, can live in extreme climates. These farmers don’t need electricity, thus no freezers, cream separators etc. These Cows are family, and they work together to earn living. So beautiful it was.

A2doodh is distributing the same pure milk in Indore. As these farmers are at a drive of 4 hours from Indore, pasteurisation is must. Pasteurisation is also practiced by Jain Monks. They boil the water and cool it down to drink. Pasteurisation is to eliminate bacteria growth. What you drink is what you becomes. I want to be healthy, free from adulteration, strong, not forced but loved….

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