//Why should you buy A2doodh?

Why should you buy A2doodh?

A2 Doodh or A2 Milk is the natural milk from our desi cows which is easy to digest and helps increase immunity, it is so called “stomach – approved” milk and helps fight various diseases. Some people have had the experience that their digestive problems, diabetes, cholesterol issues, etc have benefited from changing to A2 Doodh.

A2 Doodh is 100% pure, natural, unadulterated, pasteurized, with natural A2 Protein.

A2 Doodh is home delivered

A2 Doodh is from certified A2 Cows.

A2 Doodh is just like mother’s milk.

Few other benefits of A2doodh are:

It Enhances Memory Power, Prevent obesity among children and adults, Improve brain function, Promotes digestion, Increase breast milk production in feeding mothers, Prevents joint pain, asthma and mental problems, Promotes good kidney health, Increases immunity, Reduces acidity, Detoxifies Body, Increases clarity of Voice, Helps in reduction against PMS symptoms in the menstruation cycle, Prevents migraine headache, Good for thyroid, Helps in reducing chances of colon, breast and skin cancer, One of the best natural anti-oxidants, After mother’s milk it is cow’s milk only which gives energy and full protection.

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