//7.5 billion population and .33 billion Gods

7.5 billion population and .33 billion Gods

6th of June, 5 in the morning conversation with our dairy farmer
P~ Bhaiji from generation, your family is devoted in goseva, breeding and taking care of cows. How does it feel?
B~ Mdam do you visit temples?
P~ Yes, I do
B~ I am sure you take offering too…
P~ Yes, liquid offerings, fruits, jaggery, sweets, rice and many other things. Rather everyday at our home before we eat meals, we offer it to God and Goddess
B~ So does your Idols eat/ drink your offering?
P~ Nnoo
B~ My god does. Cow with .33 billion gods and goddess welcomes my offering and in return provides prasadam in form of Milk.
Goseva or serving the cow is important and its is one of the form of deity (deities) who will accept the offerings.

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