//Kesaria Mishri Mava

Kesaria Mishri Mava


  • 1 liter A2milk
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup mishri (crystal sugar)
  • 1 tsp cardamom powder
  • 1 tsp pistachio for garnishing
  • Few strands of saffron
  • 1 tsp ghee 

    How to Make Kesaria Mishri Mava

    1. Heat A2milk in a heavy bottom pan. Stir it continuously so that it does not stick to pan.
    2. Reduce the A2milk until it starts to thicken.
    3. Addghee, saffron, sugar and cardamom powder.
    4. Cook for 5 more minutes on medium heat.
    5. When it cools down a little addmishrito it and mix. Garnish it with saffron strands andpistaslices.
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