//Swaarnim Jains’ A2 Ghee 1 Litre

Swaarnim Jains’ A2 Ghee 1 Litre


Analysis Unit per 100gm
Energy 899.8kcal
Protein 0.2g
Carbohydrates 0g
Fats 99.91g
Cholesterol 748.8mg
Fatty Acid Profile 69.62g
Sodium 1.2mg
Vitamin A 423.73µg
Trans Fatty Acid 0g


As the Ganges has poured down through the myths and plains of India for thousands of years, so has ghee flowed through all aspects of the Indian culture. In the Ayurvedic wisdom, family homes, religions, peoples and kitchens of India, ghee is a sacred and celebrated symbol of auspiciousness, nourishment and healing as well as an esteemed article of everyday use.

The Vedas call ghee the ‘first and the most essential of all foods’ and ghee is a central element of the Vedic culture.

In India, ghee is made from both Cow and Buffalo milk. You can tell the difference because Buffalo ghee is white and Cow ghee is more yellow. Also, the A2 Ghee of aa Indian Native Cow is in liquid form at body temperature. The ghee of a Buffalo is still slightly solid. Buffalo milk and ghee are more tamasic (dulling), while Cow milk and ghee are believed to be more sattvic (pure and purifying).A2 Ghee is used in lamps in temples and pujas all over India. The light of a ghee lamp is the most beautiful and brilliant of all lights. The light of burning ghee is said to ward off negativity and evil influence.

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Weight 910 g